A Bit About This Website

You have landed on my personal website. My name is Vojtěch Sobota and I like to use the nickname voj-tech, hence the name of the site.

I'm a passionate software engineer with an interest in pretty much anything related to software development. I like the idea of open-source software. This website is built on top of my own PHP web framework vtCompose which I present here. (Yes, I have written a framework so that I could build my website so that I could present a framework which I have written so that...) Other than that you can find a couple of (primarily) Linux command line tools here which I have created to date and which can be of use to other people also.

If you want to get in touch, or complain about the time wasted reading this page, I can be reached at voj-tech@voj-tech.net or on LinkedIn. A PDF copy of my curriculum vitae is available for download.

Last but not least I'd like to plug Kickstart Kibera which is a small charity founded by my lovely fiancee Simone. I encourage you to take a look at its website and find out more about it.

Kickstart Kibera

By donating to Kickstart Kibera you will support children in Kibera, the largest slum in Kenya. The charity focuses on providing children with an education to lift themselves out of poverty. As well as making a one-off donation or signing up for a regular one there is the option of becoming a fundraiser to raise money for Kickstart Kibera.