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My little PHP framework has undergone substantial changes and amendments in the source code. It should now be more stable and should be able to offer more flexibility. But most importantly there's a brand new package allowing for ORM. I plan to release the framework under GPL and publish some usage examples as well once I migrate my website to the new version. Stay tuned for more.

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Changing Position



I decided to go abroad, most probably already in October this year. Considering Ireland being so open to foreigners and (hopefully) interested in software engineers as well I was able to make my decision pretty quickly. It's not only Dublin I've been thinking about, there are also some other interesting cities like Cork, Limerick or Galway. There is my professional profile to be found on LinkedIn.

Innovative & Expressive


Launching a New Website

Those words would describe my intentions to make websites the best I believe. Lately I've been very unhappy about general tendencies of web design seen on many top web pages. Working on websites I consider as an opportunity to make a difference. I'm a freelance web developer and programmer not afraid of pushing the bounds while keeping my approach thorough.